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If you could have your health however you wanted it to be…

Are you sick and tired of not knowing what is going on with your health?

Are you ready to step into
the Healthier version of YOU?

At Aligned Natural Health our mission is to help you get to the root cause of health issues you’ve been dealing with.

Have you ever experienced
any of these situations?

Have you gone to your doctor
with symptoms only
to have your blood work come back normal?
Have you ever
felt like your concerns
were being dismissed or ignored?
Are you tired of being
put on medication after medication
but your symptoms just keep coming back?

If you've answered "yes" to any of the above, we can help!

Nutrition Testing - Aligned Natural Health

You as a human, ANH uses a whole body approach, assessing your every organ & gland to find the CAUSE of your symptoms. We view the body as a whole and uncover the root cause. ANH is a leader in the field of working with all humans in Quantum Nutrition Testing.

This is a key step in actually being able to reverse symptoms & improving your overall health.

Common Causes Often - Aligned Natural Health
AH 1 Food Sensitivities - Aligned Natural Health

Food Sensitivities

Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Corn, Soy, etc. . .
AH 2 Bugs - Aligned Natural Health


Viruses, Bacteria, Parasite
AH 3 Mold - Aligned Natural Health


Black, Green Molds from Water Leak, Wet Environment
AH 4 Radiation - Aligned Natural Health


Such as Cellphone, Wireless Device & Computer
AH 5 Emotional Stress - Aligned Natural Health

Emotional Stress

Family, Work, Children Related Stress
AH 6 Chemical / Metal / Toxin - Aligned Natural Health

Chemical / Metal / Toxin

Mercury, Aluminum, Chlorine, Lawn Spray, Pesticide, & etc.

Meet the Aligned Natural Health Team

Kate and Amanda - Aligned Natural Health

Kate McDowell (Left)

Holistic Nutritionist, Graduate of The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, Quantum Nutrition Testing Practitioner.

Kate’s interest in nutrition came from working to find a solution to her own health challenges in the past, after realizing that the medical approach just wasn’t helping. Using natural methods, Kate greatly improved her own health and loves helping clients do the same!

Amanda Golightly (Right)

Quantum Nutrition Testing Practitioner, with a background in NLP, Hypnosis & Time Line Therapy ®.

Amanda has found that the natural health world & energy medicine have been a calling for many years.  When she found QNT it was a natural fit for improving her own health, which eventually led to becoming a practitioner as well.

FAQ White - Aligned Natural Health

In 2020, we transitioned to a virtual/tele-health practice that offers all appointments over the phone.  This makes it much easier and more accessible to work with us because:

– we are able to help you regardless of distance

– you don’t need to take time off to drive to & from our office, check in appointments are about 10-15 minutes each

– even if you’re home sick from work or have a kid home sick, we can help

Quantum Nutrition Testing is a technology that’s based on muscle testing, or applied kinesiology which are modalities that have been around for hundreds of years.  

Everything on our planet has a frequency, and quantum nutrition testing recognizes that the frequency of an organ or gland that’s functioning properly is a very different frequency than one that is not functioning properly.

Training in QNT is all about learning how to connect with a person from a distance to pick up what areas need support. 

This is not unlike how you can turn on your radio and pick up a radio station from a distance.

Medical lab tests take a measure of what’s going on in your body, and compare that to a pre-determined reference range of what is considered “normal”.

As holistic practitioners, we understand that even if your blood work say you’re normal, if you still have symptoms, that’s a sign from your body that something isn’t functioning properly!

At Aligned Natural Health, our mission is to help you figure out why you’re dealing with symptoms.  Finding the CAUSE is a really important first step in resolving your issues that’s commonly missed!

We love food! And we are not the food police! 

We will take a look at what you’re eating if you choose to work with us, but just from the perspective of seeing if there is anything that you’re eating that’s keeping your body from moving towards the health goals you want. 

Sometimes removing a food is recommended to help you move forward, but generally these recommendations are only temporary


Can Help You - Aligned Natural Health
"Within a month the night sweats were gone!"
I followed the Aligned NH's guidance and with in 4 days
I started feeling back to myself and energy was up. Within a month the night sweats were gone.
I am not sure were I would be if I did not find their guidance and expertise. Thank you so much for giving me my life back! ❤️
Tree Ryde - Aligned Natural Health
Tree Ryde
"I felt bloated no matter what I ate. Within a few weeks, that's gone!"
Kate is compassionate, professional and cares about her clients!
I am thankful our paths crossed, she has guided me to feel my best at a time in life when so many women are struggling!
Thank you Kate 💕
Carrie C. - Aligned Natural Health
Carrie C.
"Leading up to my period, my husband used to hide!"
The only “solutions” I’d been offered before made things worse, but working with Aligned Natural Health we’ve been able to balance my hormones naturally, and now my periods just come and go easy-peasy!
No more mood swings, headaches, or days of insanely heavy flow. My husband is definitely grateful, and so am I!
Amanda W. - Aligned Natural Health
Amanda W,

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