Client Journey - Aligned Natural Health

Every single client who comes to see us has been through some sort of journey where things were missed…


Most common complaints

  • Are you exhausted?
  • Are you tired?
  • Thinking about what’s going on in your body…
  • Irregular periods
  • Hormone problems
  • Do you find yourself in your head questioning your health?
  • Are you worried about your health?


THIS is what we do

  • Help you decode what’s happening in your body
  • Offer solutions to help bring the body back into balance for better health
  • Energetically, we as humans are all energy. Wouldn’t you like to know?
  • What a relief? Wouldn’t it be great to know what’s actually going on?
  • We tune into the frequency of your body to see where the imbalances are. Like turning the dial on a radio, when you’re not on the station that you want…


ALL of our clients get some form of relief

  • Like our client seen on the clients results page who had skin problems and was bloated all the time. After a little over a week, the rashes are gone and clothes fit much better!
  • Like our client Tree clients results page who had such low energy that staff and family thought she was mad at them
  • Like our client Amanda seen on the clients results page who suffered with food sensitivities, migraines and intense periods for decades. Finding the right vitamins helped so much!
  • Like our client J clients results page whose teacher used to call home often because she was struggling to pay attention and get along with other kids, but now is doing great
  • Like our client Tanya clients results page, who’s husband noticed she wasn’t losing her cool like she used to when things didn’t go as planned


Imagine your future

  • Imagine yourself full of energy
  • Imagine yourself not having to stress about your period getting in the way of living your life
  • Imagine heading through perimenopause with confidence knowing you’re helping your body stay healthy and that you have all the support you need if you experience anything unexpected
  • Accomplishing whatever it is you want to accomplish

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