Are Heavy Periods Normal?

For more than a decade, I struggled with periods from hell.

In my mid-late 20’s I used to bleed so heavy every month that I used to go through 40+ feminine products each time, and bled through while sleeping, while at work, while out with friends, you name it. The thought of having to leave the house was stressful because I didn’t know what my body was going to do!

Then one day, my periods just disappeared. After years of stressful period hell, even though in the back of my mind I knew it wasn’t normal, I was relieved.

But after more than a year without a period, I finally reasoned with myself that I needed to suck it up and go try to find out what was going on. I went to my family doctor, who referred me to a gynaecologist, who sent me for all kinds of tests, but couldn’t find anything. So he sent me to another specialist, who ran a bunch of other tests, all of which also came back inconclusive towards what was the problem. I had ZERO estrogen, and higher testosterone, but neither specialist had an answer as WHY or what to do. So the next suggestion was to try the birth control pill to attempt to regulate my cycle.

The pill could have killed me.

I had a TIA, which is basically a “mini stroke”. This was really scary! I made an appointment with the gynaecologist (the soonest available appointment was in 2 weeks!), and stopped taking the pill right away. When I finally got in to see him, I learned that it was actually lucky that I took myself off the pill when I did, because the TIA is a precursor to a full on stroke.

After that experience, I was reluctant, so I just carried on with life…

The next time I went to see a doctor about my still missing period was about 2 years later. A friend recommended a woman who was well known in the city I was living in as one of the best gynaecologist, so I made an appointment. You guessed it, more tests. When I went back in for my follow up, this doctor took one look and my results and said “There’s nothing wrong with you, it’s all in your head”. I left the office in complete disbelief! I was angry and upset, but didn’t know what else to do. So once again, I carried on with no period.

But a few years later, my period came back, with a VENGEANCE! If I thought it was heavy before, now was worse. Intense flooding, clotty, drained my energy and iron levels. I remember going for a walk in the woods with spouse (years before she was my spouse) and completely soaking through the shorts I had on. Once again, I was back in the regular period fear cycle.

So I went to see another doctor, and this time the options that were offered were an IUD or a hysterectomy. At this point in my life, with everything I’d been through, I went with the second option.

Today, I’m a Holistic Nutritionist and Quantum Nutrition Testing practitioner, who hears stories all too common to mine all the time. Doctors serve a very important purpose in the world, but when they don’t have the answer, “guessing” with medication or cutting out the “problem” organ is often the solution.

From my viewpoint, the goal of holistic health is to figure out WHY.

If someone had done the work to dig deeper and find out that I had been heavily medicated as a child and my gut health needed support to detox properly, that may have resolved the heavy periods.

If someone had asked questions and learned that I was REALLY stressed when my period disappeared they may have been able to help me regulate my hormones without almost changing my life permanently with the side effects of the pill.

If someone had asked more questions to figure out why I was struggling once again, before cutting out a part of me…

Experiences like these are a big part of WHY we created Aligned Natural Health. Because they are WAY more common than they should be, and as women, we’re dismissed and disregarded far more often than we should be in my opinion.

We built this resource for people to have another option in improving their health, without medicine or surgery. We use a technology called Quantum Nutrition Testing, which helps find the cause of the symptoms and what the body needs to get back into balance.

As I said earlier, doctors are incredible in many ways. But when it comes to chronic issues that keep coming back, they just don’t have the knowledge of what to do to truly help the person.

You wouldn’t take your car to the massage therapist if you were having engine problems… if you’re dealing with health challenges that keep coming back and not getting answers, this is where we can help ❤️

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