Breast Implant Illness Unveiled: A Holistic Approach to Wellness and Recovery, with Erin Souza

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In today’s episode, our hosts, Amanda Golightly and Kate McDowell, sit down with special guest Erin Souza, CEO of EC Restorative, to discuss the impactful journey of dealing with breast implant illness (BII).

Erin shares her personal experience with BII, the challenges and emotional toll of pursuing explant surgery, and the holistic approach she has developed to support women in similar situations.

They delve into the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of BII, highlighting the importance of managing expectations post-surgery and seeking comprehensive support for recovery. From the potential health risks associated with breast implants to the impact of holistic nutrition and the need for continued health guidance post-explant, this episode provides valuable insights and resources for anyone navigating the complexities of BII.

Tune in as Erin Souza shares her expertise and empowering message of hope and healing for those affected by breast implant illness.


00:00 Thyroid medication didn’t solve health issues. Joined online groups, found shared symptoms.

04:55 Difficulties finding affordable doctors for explant surgery.

07:52 Choose a surgeon experienced in explant surgeries.

12:16 Many women struggle with misdiagnosis and medication.

16:27 Breast implant illness expert shares important study.

20:34 “Powerful moment: overcoming illness and gratitude.”

23:22 Seek expert support, don’t tackle challenges alone.

26:38 Exploring why body is a habitat.

30:23 Gel bleeds and micro defects in implants.

32:04 Parasites feed on heavy metals in body.

37:26 Dental career led to strong client rapport.

38:41 Challenging transition to whole food, organic diet.

41:39 Gratitude, support, and powerful free guide.


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