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Every problem, and every symptom, has a CAUSE.

Quantum Nutrition Testing is a tool where the whole objective is to find the cause!
Why are you dealing with the health issues you are?
Finding the cause is the first step in helping you improve your health and feel better!
About the Assessment Bundle:
(includes 2 calls & testing)

Call 1

– Detailed health history review including any surgeries, illnesses, life stresses and family health. We take the time to listen and get a better understanding of what’s going on.

Call 2

– Before the call you will receive a detailed report of what your testing revealed. On the call, we will go through your results, answer your questions & talk about next steps in your health journey.

Between call 1 & call 2

– Your practitioner completes your Quantum Testing.

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What Our Clients Are Saying:

Carrie C. - Aligned Natural Health

“I used to wake nightly with night sweats and cramping in my feet. I always felt bloated no matter what I ate and although I worked out 5x a week I still had the dreaded “muffin top”. Within a few weeks of Kate’s guidance I was sleeping through the night! Cramping had subsided, night sweats decreased and my clothes started to fit the way they are supposed to. 

Kate has helped me control my blood sugar, which is a game changer for me! Kate is compassionate, professional and cares about her clients! I am thankful our paths crossed, she has guided me to feel my best at a time in life when so many women are struggling!”

- Carrie C.

Glenn - Aligned Natural Health

I was having digestive issues and was buying antacids in bulk. Since working with Kate, I see a big reduction in acid reflex and I’m able to enjoy a natural approach to repairing my health.

I would recommend anyone having health issues to reach out to Kate or Amanda to find out how they could help.

- Glenn B.

Amanda W. - Aligned Natural Health

I used to have really bad PMS every month and my terrible mood swings before my periods led to getting SO mad at my husband for nothing! Then the first 2 days of my actual period were so heavy I couldn’t leave the house! The only “solutions” I’d been offered before made things worse, but working with Aligned Natural Health we’ve been able to balance my hormones naturally, and now my periods just come and go easy-peasy! No more mood swings, headaches, or days of insanely heavy flow. My husband is definitely grateful, and so am I!

- Amanda. F.

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