Is Mold Having a Negative Impact on Your Health?

Mold is a commonly overlooked cause behind a lot of health problems! It’s something we can come in contact with it in everyday life more often than many realize. Any time there is water, moisture or humidity, you have a breeding ground for mold.

So, what are the ways you could be exposed to mold?

You could EAT mold:

Moldy cheese or bread? If ONE part is moldy, it’s full of mold even though you maybe can’t see it yet!

Anyone meal prep? I used to think it was SO great to prep ALL of my food for the week so I could just grab and go super easy on a work day…

And although, yes, there is big benefit in knowing everything that goes in and on your food, after day ONE, all of your prepped food is most likely growing mold. This doesn’t mean meal prepping is a bad option, but one way you can prep for the week and still eat healthy is to make SURE you freeze it right away.

Top Foods that are high in mold:

  • Lunch meats – yes preservatives, but also mold!
  • Cheese – made by growing mold on dairy
  • Berries – they even come with mold on them sometimes!
  • Bread/baked goods – grows mold quickly
  • Peanut butter – peanuts have high moisture content
  • Hot dogs/sausage – or any processed meats
  • Orange juice
  • Coffee
  • Dried fruits
  • Leftovers


You could be DRINKING the mold:

Water bottles are a REALLY big problem here (especially the lid! And/or if your bottle has a straw)

Make sure you’re washing daily with clean water and white vinegar

You can BREATHE mold:

Make sure you USE your bathroom fan when you shower! **And wipe it down regularly to help eliminate mold growth, wearing gloves and a mask. The heated water creates vapour than can spread throughout your bathroom and lead to mold growth if not well ventilated.

After you shower and the bathroom mirror fogs up, you SEE evidence that there’s moisture in the air. Anytime there’s moisture, mold forms.

Another way you can breathe mold is CPAP machines often can contain mold too and don’t get cleaned often.

You can TOUCH mold:

Ever forget wet laundry in the washing machine? Mold will start to grow on the damp clothing

Do you have a leaky basement? Or leaks anywhere in your house? Mold form in the walls, under flooring, in the ceiling and anywhere moisture ends up.

How do you get rid of mold?

Cleaning moldy areas in your home or workplace – wear gloves and this is a really good time to wear a mask!

My general recommendation is to stay away from it, but if you do have to clean it make sure you mask up and glove up to protect yourself from touching it or breathing it. White vinegar can be a good cleaning option, but don’t dilute it and make sure you do everything you can to not disturb the spores, which just gets the mold in the air and everywhere

Mold illness is missed as a cause of health problems!

  • It can imbalance hormones – can be gaining weight because of mold.
  • It increases estrogen which is linked to bad things like cancer, or increased breast tissue in males
  • It can cause respiratory illness, pneumonia, asthma, chronic bronchitis. MAYBE because it’s rain or snow season where you live
  • Mold is also linked to chronic sinus issues, headaches, depression and more
  • If you get in the shower and feel dizzy or weak, that can be a sign that you have mold impacting your system in some way


Mold removal is very tricky! Both to detect and get rid of in the body and in your home.

First – if you suspect mold is affecting you, reach out! At Aligned Natural Health we use Quantum Testing to test you to find the cause of whatever you’re dealing with.

And if you find mold in your home or workplace, the best option is don’t touch it! Find someone who really knows how to cut it out and remediate your house properly.

If you have any questions, or want our help in improving your health, you can click the button in the top right corner of this page to send us a message!

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