Navigating Hot Flashes and Embarrassing Sweating

Picture this: you’re standing in front of a room full of people, ready to deliver an important presentation. Suddenly, a wave of intense heat washes over you, followed by embarrassing perspiration that threatens your confidence and focus.

As someone who has personally experienced the challenges of hot flashes and embarrassing sweating during public speaking, I want to share my story and how you too can work to improve your experience.

Through my journey with Quantum Nutrition Testing, I have discovered that the reason I am more affected by sweating is because my adrenals need support!

  • Have you ever stood up and felt dizzy?
  • Or fallen asleep on the couch?
  • Or been sensitive to light?

These are some signs that I’ve experienced too! The body may be trying to tell you that your adrenals are not running optimally.

So when it came to an event, meeting, training or speaking in front of people, my adrenals were even more affected due to the stress! As a result my body ran hotter and sweating became an issue.

This is where I’m sure many can relate… if you have an event, do you strategically plan on wearing your black shirt to hide any sweat? I know from experience it can be really embarrassing!

I’ve even used panty liners and placed them inside my shirt to absorb some of the sweat and on some occasions only to find they moved out of place and ended up still soaked, with panty liners randomly stuck somewhere else.

My journey of healing and supporting my body through this challenge is still in process. It’s helpful to know that I am able to support my body through this, rather than suffering through it because all of the situations I’ve mentioned are simply not avoidable.

It’s not reality to just skip any in person training or never do a presentation in front of people, these situations are a part of my life and my business.

I know for a lot of women and men this can be an issue, just know it doesn’t haven’t to be.

It’s never an overnight fix but when you address the cause of why your body isn’t working optimally, you can start on the journey to easing your symptoms.

If you’re tired of the sweaty situations interrupting your days (and nights), I can help! Send me a message to get started.

Live well, naturally,


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