Saying Goodbye to Bloating: How to Get Relief During Perimenopause

Have you ever felt like there’s a big difference between how your clothes fit first thing in the morning, compared to later the same day?

When Kelly came to Aligned Natural Health for help, bloating was one of the main things she was frustrated with.

Working in customer service, I see people day after day and after turning 40 I started to deal with bloating in the afternoon/evening pretty much every day! The tipping point for me to reach out for help was when people I’d known for years started asking me if I was pregnant!” – Kelly

As women, after as early as 30, you can start into perimenopause!  This can be shocking to hear because most women don’t expect to hear the dreaded “menopause” word until much later in life!

In this phase of life it can feel like you’re suddenly dealing with a whole list of seemingly random symptoms, from hot flashes and mood swings to fatigue and bloating. 

Bloating can be a particularly uncomfortable symptom for women, and there are a few reasons why it can be more of an issue for women in perimenopause. 

A big contributor to bloating in perimenopause is a decrease in estrogen levels. 

Estrogen plays an important role in regulating the body’s water balance. When levels drop during perimenopause, this can make your body retain water!
Estrogen also plays an important role in bile production, which you NEED to break down fats properly! 
When you don’t have enough bile, the stomach makes less stomach acid and then digestion can slow down dramatically!  Slow digestion means the foods sit in your stomach longer and create gas!  Hence it can leave you feeling like someone is inflating a balloon around your midsection and your pants might pop open at any moment.
The decrease in bile can also leave a feeling of “fullness” that can even last into the next morning for some.
Alright, so what can you do?
Some Simple steps you can take to ease bloating:
  •  Eating smaller, more frequent meals and drinking plenty of water can help keep digestion regular and flush out excess fluid
  • Avoiding heavily processed foods, seed oils like canola/vegetable oils, carbonated beverages and reducing your sugar intake can also help
  • Probiotic supplements can help to support healthy digestion
  • Exercise can also be helpful, as it can help to improve bile production
Bloating can be an uncomfortable symptom of perimenopause, but understanding the reasons behind it can help women take steps to manage it. 
I’m so grateful I found Kate & Amanda!  I don’t have the bloating anymore and when we started supporting my hormones a lot of other things like my ENERGY, skin, sleep and focus got way better! I didn’t even realize these weren’t what they could be!” – Kelly
 These are simple things you can try, but ultimately the first step in helping reverse the issues and preventing things from getting worse in the future is finding out the exact reason why YOU are dealing with bloating, or any symptom you’re dealing with.  
We’ve helped dozens of women like Kelly in finding out what their body needs to get back into balance 💚
Recognizing that bloating is just a symptom, a message from the body that there’s something not working the way it should can be helpful.
Finding an understanding that there ARE option that can help you feel better.  If you’d like to know more about how we help, Click HERE to send us a message.

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