Transforming Pain Into Purpose, with Jackie Senatore

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Welcome to another episode of Limitless Health, in today’s interview, our hosts, Amanda Golightly and Kate McDowell, sit down with special guest Jackie Senatore, an abundance and mindset coach with a wealth of experience in personal development and energy healing.

Jackie shares her remarkable journey from overcoming anxiety to transitioning from the entertainment industry to diving into personal development and energy healing. She reveals her perspective on pain as a guide for transformation, drawing from her own experiences with Lyme disease, divorce, and bankruptcy.

Together, they delve into the power of mindset, prayer, and seeking purpose beyond illness, emphasizing the importance of listening to one’s inner wisdom and being open to unexpected solutions.

Join us as we navigate the transformative power of mindset, healing, and the limitless potential within us all.

Powerful Quotes:

Finding Purpose: “And then when I would go back to the acting sets, I was like, this isn’t for me anymore. I wanna be part of something bigger.” — Jackie Senatore [00:02:34 → 00:02:38]

Overcoming Adversity: “It’s just about when life hands you this, it’s either we can feel victim to it, and that’s okay too. You’re just a part of it. That’s it’s part of the process of feeling like why did this happen to me and feeling the pain.” — Jackie Senatore [00:04:19 → 00:04:30]

The transformative power of therapy: “I often joke. I’m like the turnkey. It’s like when you’re really ready to start that engine, because sometimes we’re not ready. Sometimes we we want to be ready, but we’re really not. And no judgment on that. It’s just whenever we’re ready, we’re we’re ready.” — Jackie Senatore [00:05:32 → 00:06:08]

The Power of Belief in Overcoming Chronic Illness: “I was told this is a lifelong illness. You’re never gonna be the same. It takes 25 years to overcome, and and that hit me really hard of the belief in that.” — Jackie Senatore [00:08:10 → 00:08:49]

The Importance of Self-Reflection: “I think it comes down to do you really want it or not? And sometimes people are shocked when they start to ask different questions that they’re receiving some kind of benefit.” — Jackie Senatore [00:12:07 → 00:12:17]


00:00 Life’s challenges guide us to our purpose.
04:18 Facing challenges is part of personal growth.
06:53 Amazed by personal journey toward helping others.
11:31 Rejecting the identity of being defined by MS.
13:39 Finding positivity led to positive life changes.
18:52 Changing support groups as healing process advances.
19:55 Choosing courage over fear brings rewarding outcomes.
24:59 Rejection, personal change, and energetic healing story.
29:12 Teaching how to change perspective with repetition.
31:03 Embrace sensitivity and listen to your body.
33:15 Grateful for sharing positive life perspectives.


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