Will You Ever Be 100% Healthy if You Don't Have All of Your Organs?

This question recently came up on a talk I was listening to and it caught me off guard! Before I dove into holistic health, I typically still listened to my doctor, even when a part of me wasn’t sure it was the best choice. Now, as a Holistic Nutritionist I’ve worked with many clients who’ve been in a similar spot as well.

This is not intended as any judgement for any choices you may have made either! While there are reasons why health is not quite the same if you’ve had an organ removed, there are still things you can do to help yourself.

Can you relate to this?

I used to have headaches, and cravings, and get really emotional the week leading up to my period. Then my period would come and I literally felt like I was bleeding to death for 8-10 days. My periods were so heavy that I was stressed and anxious about going to work, going out with anyone or sitting down anywhere in case I leaked. I even used to keep a black hoodie in my trunk all of the time in case I needed something to tie around my waist to cover up a leak!

With bleeding so heavy and for many days every month, I was chronically low iron which led to low energy all of the time too. It sucked!

After YEARS of these horrible periods every month, I’d had enough! I went to my doctor for help, and he gave me 2 options: I could get an I.U.D., or have a hysterectomy. Looking back now with the knowledge and understanding I now have of how the body works, I may have made a very different decision…

Heavy or clotty periods are not a sign that the organ is “defective” and needs to be removed.

They are a sign that there’s something getting in the way of your hormones functioning properly. In my experience, this is usually either a case where there’s something in the body that doesn’t belong which is stopping it from working properly, like toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, mold, parasites, stress, etc.

OR there’s something that the body needs which is missing, like nutrients, minerals, vitamins, hydration, etc.

Removing my uterus stopped the heavy periods, but didn’t figure out WHY I was having them in the first place! This is classic example of Western Medicine’s approach of fixing the problem without actually fixing the problem.

When an organ is cut out, the structural integrity of the body is changed. A uterus removed can lead to a prolapsed bladder, and other complications. When an organ is “missing”, the body cannot function as it’s meant to. With many organs, when you remove them, it means other organs have to pick up the slack on top of their own roles.

If you’ve had something like a gallbladder removed (which is so common!) your body will never be able to break fats down properly without supplemental support.

The Western Medicine routine is – when there’s a symptom, suppress it with a drug. When the drug causes side-effects, suppress them with more drugs. When the organ stops functioning properly, cut it out.

The drugs are not intended to deal with the cause and fix the problem, just suppress the symptoms. Symptoms are just a warning sign from the body that something isn’t working properly, and just like putting a piece of tape over the check engine light in your car, when the warning signs are ignored, more problems follow.

Sharing this with you because awareness is helpful when it comes to making decisions, especially around your health. Looking back now, I really wish I would have known that the horrible periods I was dealing with could have been handled naturally, rather than cutting out a part of my body.

If you’re dealing with period issues, or any health challenges and would like a better understanding of what’s actually going on with you, and what your body needs to get back into balance, we can help! Click the link in the top right corner to send me a message of what’s going on, I’d be more than happy to help you find out why. If you know anyone who’s struggling, please share this with them too!

Health matters most 😉, Kate

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